Cipher Data Resources - IRS 4506T Verifications

Authenticating a borrower's individual and business Federal Income Tax returns and W2/1099 income information has become an integral part of quality control and fraud detection by lenders nationwide. In 1992, Verify, LLC established the first industry partnership with the IRS to provide expedited transcript verifications for the lending industry. In 2005, Verify LLC's IRS tax transcript verification operation merged with Cipher Data Resources, Inc. Cipher Data has continued Verify's tradition of knowledgeable, personal and efficient customer service oriented 4506-T processing.

With a keen sensitivity to lender needs, Cipher Data prides itself on personal and friendly service. Our years of experience help you avoid the time loss and extra expense of multiple submissions on the same borrower. Cipher's long-term relationship with the IRS allows us to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest IRS news and processing changes. We also help our clients maintain compliance with all IRS 4506-T rules and regulations while maintaining the quickest possible turn- around times.

Reasons for Choosing Cipher's 4506T Services

  • Team Lead assigned to manage your account
  • Detailed review of Form 4506-T prior to submission to the IRS and timely notification to client when corrections are required
  • Legibility augmentation of forms by our staff in compliance with IRS guidelines
  • 95% of transcripts are delivered within 24 hours
  • Prompt email notification of IRS rejections with explanation
  • Discounted re-submission charges
  • Expert consultation and IRS dispute resolution services
  • Detailed monthly billing on every order placed
  • Encrypted or zip file transcripts delivered via email
  • Competitive Pricing

IRS Income Verification Transcripts Available from Cipher Data

  • 1040 US Individual Tax Returns
  • 1040 Record of Account (originally filed tax return + taxpayer's financial activity with IRS)
  • 1040 Account Transcript (taxpayers financial activity with IRS)
  • W2, 1099, 1098, 5498, SSA and K1 income information
  • 1120, 1120s and 1065 (Corporation, S Corporation and Partnership Returns)

Let Cipher help you identify possible fraud and meet investor requirements with our personal and cost effective 4506T processing services.
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